Tangible Impact

Bagrotec believes that private and public initiatives can support the next generation and the world by means of investments which make real and tangible impact. We aim to accelerate the transition to sustainable agriculture and forestry practices, thereby restoring nature and improving the livelihoods of farmers, through Bamboo plantations.

Bagrotec prioritizes environmental, social and governance (ESG) values.

Bagrotec is an Agro Management Impact Organization that supervises, manages, directs operations, land acquisition, legal arrangements, organization building, sourcing, training, planting, maintaining, harvesting, processing, marketing and sales.

Fashion For Good selects Bagrotec as top innovator

Our first project in which we extract fibre from Bamboo for textile feedstock in a sustainable way has been selected as top innvation.

A total of 19 innovators, shortlisted from over 100 start-ups, attended from across the globe to pitch their innovations with sustainable solutions, focused on the South Asia region. A jury of Fashion For Good partners together with an advisory council of Global Fashion For Good partners selected the final 9 innovators.

Fashion For Good is the global initiative that is here to make all fashion good, a global platform for innovation, suported by leading companies within the fashion industry.

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