Bagrotec initiates and executes various sustainabe bamboo processing projects.

Current Projects

We are working on various projects in order to replace former palm oil plantations. These will be transformed into sustainable, mixed cropping and profitable bamboo projects with a positive social and economic impact for the local population.

Bagrotec is in the process to acquire 20.000+ ha of bamboo in the coming 2 years, to be grown for textile fibre production.


As consultant Bagrotec is involved in various projects related to bamboo studies and advisories.

Current Projects

Hutan Harapan is a wildlife Sanctuary in Jambi, Central Sumatra (Tigers, Elephants, and more), one of the last lowland forest areas. Bagrotec is currently involved in the potantial establishment and commercialization of a sustainable bamboo buffer zone. The proceeds will be used for maintenance and improvement of the sanctuary.

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