Sustainability & Financial sense

Business is not only about Financial ROI, it’s also about the well-being of all people and our planet, in which the natural environment is stewarded for future generations.

Bagrotec engages in a sustainable and profitable business which contributes to the improvement of our environment and society.

Bamboo produces up to twenty times more timber per hectare then a single rotation on a common tree plantation. It offers investors returns at a much earlier stage than other forestry investments, while it continues with annual harvests for up to 100 years.

Bamboo sequestrates carbon up to four times as much as conventional forestry plantations and releases up to 35% more oxygen. It provides exceptional soil stability to fight erosion. This makes it ideal for reforestation projects, and bamboo can be grown on poor quality soil, so it is not replacing essential food crops. It does not require lots of irrigation, fertilizer and no pesticides, like cotton does.

The harvest of bamboo fits into the existing production chains of a range of industries: construction timber, biomass pellets, paper, yarn/textile.

For today's investments these contributions to the SDG’s and the emphasis on green, ecological and socially responsible actions, Bagrotec provides turnkey solutions, with more than decent returns. This all we realize by working with a great team of experts and specialists.